Frequently Asked Questions

Get Answers To The Most Common Questions About Low Commission Agents & Fees

What's the difference between a low commission real estate agent and a regular / traditional agent?

Other than the commission fees being charged, there are no real differences. 

I offer all – or more – of the services that most other agents offer as well.

I have heard that low commission real estate agents offer lower quality services? Is this true?

No, it isn’t, although this seems to be a common misrepresentation.

I personally offer more services than many agents who charge higher commissions.

I go into detail about this and explain what 1% commissions really mean and the types of services you’ll get while working with me.

I don't understand the math or percentages. How much will I save overall?

You will save 1.5% of the total selling price of your home.

This works out to $1,500.00 for every $100,000.00.

For example, if your home sells for $1,000.000.00 you would save $15,000.00.

If you have an idea as to your home’s current value, use my “Low Commission Calculator” (lower on this page) to see how much you would save with my lower listing commission.

What's the difference between a "listing agent fee" and a "buying agent fee"?

The “listing fee” is charged on behalf of the agent selling your house.

The “selling fee” is charged by the agent that finds a buyer for your home.

If the same person lists your home AND finds a buyer for it as well, he or she would collect both fees.

On average, each fee is 2.5%: One for the listing agent and one for the buying agent. The combined fee is usually 5% (2.5 + 2.5).

How can a real estate agent sell for so much less?

I sell more homes than the average agent and work on volume of homes sold, plus repeat clients and referrals.

Can the "Buying Agent" charge lower commissions, too?

Commission percentages are not ‘set in stone’ and all real estate agents can set their own rates.

When I sell my house, how many commission fees will be involved in total?

There are two fees in total: A “listing agent fee” and a “buyer agent fee”.

This confuses a lot of people and you can view my (illustrated) page that explains the process in full.

Can my existing "Listing Agent" sell my home for a 1% commission, too?

All (both “Buying” and “Selling”) agents have the option of setting their own percentage fees and the standard 2.5% structure is not mandated in any way.

Do you have any control over how much the "Buying Agent" charges?

I can only control what I charge.

“Buying Agents” work independently and set their own percentages.

What if I already have an agent but want to use your services instead?

If you are currently in a contract with another agent, I am unable to work with you until that contract has expired.

What's the most I'll pay? And what's the least I'll pay?

The most you’ll pay me as your “Listing Agent” is 1% of the final selling price.

The most you’ll pay the “Buying Agent” is 2.5% of the final selling price.

The most you’ll pay in TOTAL will be 3.5% of the final selling price.

If this is confusing, please view my (illustrated) page that explains the process in full.

Where do you offer your services?

I primarily offer my services in the Toronto and Durham Region areas.

If you reside in a different area, please contact me and we can discuss your details.

How do I know you'll get a good price for my home?

I have been selling homes since 2001 and am always aware of how the selling market is trending.

I also have extensive negotiating experience.

Getting the highest price the market will allow is always my goal and I’ll gladly refer you to my previous clients if you’d like.

Are you able to work around our schedule?

That’s never a problem and I’m happy to accommodate everyone’s schedules.

Wondering how much you can really save?


Just enter the value of your home and press “CALCULATE” to see what you would normally pay in “Listing” fees and what you will pay when you use Wade instead!

Low 1% Commission Calculator

Wade Kovacic
1% Commission*

$ 5,000

Vs Average Competition
2.5% Commission*

$ 12,500

*Plus Buyer's Agent Commission